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Organizing Paperwork – Binders work!

Saturday, August 22nd, 2009

Preparing for back to school means a fresh start with organizing the mountain of paperwork we know is inevitable.  There are a variety of systems we can use to help tame the paperwork we are inundated with at school. 


One system to explore is a binder system.  Keep your three-hole punch close at hand and organize your paperwork into known categories.  Binders are great for papers you will need to keep for a while, want on your finger tips, prefer to keep in chronological order, or keep by student or topic.  A benefit of the binder system versus a regular file folder is this added protection, and consistent order.  They also can bee easily stored and look better on your shelf or desk than a file overflowing with mix-matched papers.


So, what are some areas of paperwork that would be best organized with a binder system?  Here are a few:


Student/Parent contact information and Log – Important phone numbers, etc together with contact log and pockets for notes.  One cover sheet with one pocket per student in alphabetical order for easy access.

Classroom procedures or sample lessons  for Substitutes

Homework binder – organize by subject if necessary, separate by date with post it or colored sheet.  As homework is passed out to students a student helper could put an extra copy in this binder for future reference and absent students.

Subject notebooks – a safe place to keep resources for specific lessons or subjects to alleviate researching the topic the next year.

Office notices and protocol – Keep important papers from administration and meetings in chronological order for quick reference.

Professional Development – Paper work on completed courses with a section for your plan.


What else could go in a binder?  Please comment below and share with others.  Best of luck preparing for a successful new year!